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Everyone builds personal identity. We create corporate identity of our clients ...

Every company must have a name. Every company should have a style. Every company should have a person, or the company or individual should have their own branding.

Why is this necessary? When you meet a new person, you may not remember his name, but will certainly remember his face! It's the same in business - vision is very important! Make your business visible to others, give the person that consumers can trust. Build a strong brand!

One aspect of a strong brand is a design to suit your organization who transmit ideas and your philosophy. This design is what we call "graphic identity". The greatest part of it is your company logo (the logo), but not of less importance are the color scheme, the selection of fonts, the method of arrangement of the individual elements, the selection of photographs and the use of the text.

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Print advertising is one of the main ways to promote the business of our clients. That's why, for us, every surface are important, each footprint each ink dot ...

Leaflets, posters, calendars, PVC stickers and everything that can be printed, you will find with us. Advertise with print advertising - the feeling that you are holding something in your hands is unmatched. The effectiveness of print advertising is proven - even with strong penetration of the Internet in our lives, Advertising material not stop us from everywhere flooding and are still attracting the attention of consumers.

You need to prepare a promotional literature? In IT DESIGN adv. you will find the right people who will prepare the project design and the article will give you advice on the size of the card, poster, leaflet or any other product that you choose to create. We will discuss with you all the fine points and will prepare an offer based on your desires and abilities.

We will give you advice and will support you every step of the way - from the initial idea to the finished artistic product.

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Outdoor Advertising

We take the environment that surrounds us as a playing field ...

ПThe first contact with each customer takes place immediately before the threshold of your business.

In IT DESIGN adv. you will find the means Chez help leave a great first impression to others about your business.:

  • lit and unlit volume labels and advertising;
  • display and neon signs;
  • rooftop structures or simply sidewalk stand;
  • plate or inscription on the window and vehicle.

Nicely done and outdoor ads, with good warranty and maintenance - all you can expect from us.

Add and advanced equipment manufacturing base, professional and trained team of installers with over 20 years experience, you get a new modern look.

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