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Our team of IT DESIGN adv. consists of proven professionals who have a flair for new and is constantly looking for sources of inspiration.

Designers and Sales team work together like a well oiled machine, and thus make it so that work can go easily and without difficulty achieving the goals they had set.


Designers in IT DESIGN adv. have experience and expertise in design and able to work well with all the graphic. Each of them has its own style of working, which ensures that the projects prepared by them are unique in themselves.

Sales team in IT DESIGN adv. strive to offer our customers the best solution for advertising, price and quality. Bids prepared by our specialists are based on accurate analyzes performed on the client's needs and their price adjustment to the financial capacity of the company.

We the people are the most important! Under the people we consider our clients, their customers, the team of professionals we work with partners ... We believe that people are the root cause of all things, and because of that, we strive to respond to their needs. We strive to show consumers the beauty and usefulness of our customers' businesses. It is because of our faith in people because of the vision we have for life, the world and the business move forward and grow. We think we have chosen the right perspective and follow it inseparably. We work for the people!